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See Your C-Shape

Want to improve your waist rolls OR your back balance OR your static switches on straps?

Students will move through a series of mobility exercises, proprioceptive and active flexibility drills that isolate and strengthen potential weak points in your C. Students will start on the floor, move to sling, and then finish on straps and rope for waist rolls, back balances, and switch prep!

Students must be level 2a or higher to take this workshop.

Instructor Bio:
Aaron Koz is a traveling movement and circus coach previously based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He began his teaching career teaching parkour when he was 18. He started at Circus Warehouse’s intensive program, and has studied under different coaches in SF, Montreal, and Mexico. His circus teaching career began in San Francisco, and since then he has taught nationally and internationally. He draws from his academic background in neuroscience and psychology to augment his work as an instructor. He believes that being a teacher means forever reaching for better ways to teach so more recently he has collaborated heavily with physical therapists to help augment and structure his teaching offerings.
During 2018, Aaron will continue working with physical therapists who have experience working with gymnasts, circus artists, and other high level athletes to further add to his understanding and knowledge of biomechanics, movement prep, and injury prevention.

IG: circkoz

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