Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t find your class schedule / it took me to mindbody; what is that?

Our class schedule is hosted on MINDBODY, our payment and scheduling software provider. For the best experience, download the free MINDBODY app and find Momentum Aerial there. If you are a new student, you will need to create an account. If you are a parent, be sure you have an account for both you and your child.

I would love to do aerial but I have no upper body strength/ I am not flexible/ I am afraid of heights.

Momentum Aerial sets our students up for success with a progressive curriculum that guides students through skill appropriate levels and progressions that help you gain strength, comprehension, and have fun while you are doing it. Come as you are to our Level 1a classes, no prior experience necessary.

I’m a new student. What level should I sign up for?

Our level system starts with 1a. This class is designed for people with no prior experience. Our Youth Program leveling system takes students through levels 1a through 1d before passing on to level 2. This can take students four semesters or longer in some cases. Our Adult Program leveling system does not typically include a 1c or 1d semester. In most cases, our class structure takes students through level 1 in two semesters (1a and 1b) before moving on to 2a and so on. For more information, talk with your instructor.

Momentum has drop in friendly classes that do not require students to have any prior experience. Those are Aerial Conditioning, Aerial Yoga, and Flexibility. Check the schedule on MINDBODY for dates and times.

Do you close for holidays?

Momentum Aerial generally hosts classes on holidays with the exception of Thanksgiving. The studio follows the NAU calendar, taking a one week break at the end of the Spring term, a two week break at the end of the fall and summer terms. Talk to your instructor if your class falls on a holiday. Some classes will choose to postpone or reschedule.

What is the difference between a punch card and a Semester pass?

Our semester passes include your weekly, apparatus-based class (i.e. Silks 1a) as well as 5 additional passes to attend Open Gym, Aerial Conditioning, or Flexibility. These passes are only good within the semester of purchase. A punch card covers 10 classes (Spring and Fall Semesters are 15 clases, and Summer Semester is 13 classes). Punch cards are good for one year from the date of purchase. Punch cards do not come with any additional classes.

How do I find out which studio my class is at?

Momentum Aerial keeps our entire class schedule on the MINDBODY App. We encourage students to download this free app from the app store to view our class schedule. You do not need to log in or to have an account to view the class schedule. To see which studio your class is at, click on the class and the room will appear. Momentum Aerial has two studio locations. More info.

I missed a class. How do I make it up?

Students who have purchased a semester (1 x week pass) can make up classes by attending an additional Open Gym, Conditioning, or Flexibility class. If you miss more than two consecutive weeks, your instructor may recommend a private lesson to get you caught up.