Our Passion


We offer progression based, sequential learning to aerial students in the community of Flagstaff.  Our teaching methods focus on proper technique and strength building in order to meet student goals in a safe, positive and encouraging environment.  

Our teachers are trained on proper spotting technique, injury prevention and aerial teaching progressions.  We offer ongoing professional development for our teachers to ensure that we are always at the cutting edge of aerial arts instruction.  

Our Community

Momentum Aerial offers 70 weekly classes to our student body of over 250 Flagstaff community members. This is made possible by our strong group of high quality teachers. Seeing the growth, progress, and camaraderie of our students is beyond rewarding. Our aerial community motivates and inspires us.  It is because of YOU that we are able to have this amazing aerial arts community. Momentum Aerial is LGBTQ friendly and welcoming to people of all body types, backgrounds, socio-economic levels, and abilities. Aerial is accessible to all and there is a place for you at Momentum. Find out more here about how we make our program inclusive through our scholarship opportunities.

Woman-Owned Local Business

Joanie and Morgan, co-owners of Momentum Aerial, have a strong bond and working relationship. We have combined our strengths and passions to create and a professional and safe aerial studio in Flagstaff. Joanie is great with people, marketing and grant writing, while Morgan's background in bookkeeping, accounting and organization allow her to grease the gears behind the scenes to maintain a streamlined business model. Both of us can't be more excited with our aerial studio, which is growing so fast!