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Fall '19 Open House

Join us at Momentum Aerial to kick off our Fall Semester. This is a free opportunity to try out the variety of aerial apparatuses we offer at Momentum. There will be demos led by instructors, as well as demonstrations by some of our students.

If you will be joining us to demo our equipment, wear exercise clothing such as leggings or sweatpants and a form fitting top. If you are coming to try pole, wear booty shorts and a sports bra or crop top. Aerial is done in bare feet. More info here

Even if you are joining us as a spectator, we would love to see you there. Snacks will be provided!

Momentum is Expanding: Announcing Studio B!
Momentum is excited to announce that we are expanding into a second studio space at our Kaibab Warehouse. At the Open House, we will be giving tours of both warehouse bays. Don’t miss the newly completed mural, done by our fabulous instructor Heather!