Studio B is B-ecoming a Reality!

After over a year of needing more space to grow our aerial community, a bay opened up in the warehouse we’re already occupying! Just 2 bays over from our original studio, it’s just a few steps away. Good news for aerial students with back to back classes! Check out some progress photos, we hope to be up and running at some point in July!

Tasks completed:

  • drywall mudded, sanded and primed

  • bathroom torn out and expanded

  • back storage room torn out and reframed

  • mural started

  • garage door painted

  • and there’s still more to do!

Special thanks to Alex, Avril, Zane, Emerald, Brit, Kim, John, Chris, Kylee, Heather, Lynette, Kym, Tristin, Nadia, Izzy and all of our other helpers! It’s happening! Thank you everyone for supporting our growing business!

Momentum Aerial