Project Period with Verde Valley School

At the end of May, Joanie and I spent Project Period at Verde Valley School in the Village of Oak Creek. Project Period is an important time of year for students; after finals, students spend one week working on 2 philanthropic, artistic or active projects. We had a group of 11 students choose aerial as on of their projects; so exciting!

Roses and pep talk before the showcase!

Roses and pep talk before the showcase!

The students spent 9am to 12 pm with us nearly every day for a week. 3 hours of aerial a day is intense, even for us. But the kids did great, despite sore hands, muscles and tired brains. They worked (and played) so hard!

We worked on aerial silks, trapeze, lyra, acro yoga and stilt walking. We prepared a short show for their presentation night, and closed out the night with a bang. The show followed several vignettes on different apparatuses; a duo lyra piece, a stilt walking cameo, trapeze duets and a solo, a few trio silks pieces and a love story silk duet.

Joanie and I are so proud of these iddos, and so proud of have been their teachers this year. Enjoy the photos!