What to wear

Wear soft clothing - no rhinestones, belts, zippers, etc. The more comfortable the better. We're known to flip upside down from time to time, so shirts that can be tucked in are encouraged! Also, we'll all be in our bare feet when working on the apparatus. 

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What to bring

  • A water bottle with your child's name on it and filled with ice! We have a sink at Momentum to refill water bottles throughout the day.

  • Snacks! Please pack a lunch box with light snacks, please avoid anything with nuts due to allergies. Students burn a lot of energy, so please pack whatever they'll enjoy the most as a healthy pick-me-up.


Daily Parent Sharing/Viewing Time

Each day, parents are invited to join us at 11:30 a.m. for a student mini-showcase spotlighting what students learned that day.